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In Their Words: Workshops & Groups

“It is hard to describe Brenda in words but I will try. Brenda is gentle, kind, authentic and shows true grace in who she is. She holds such a calm and wonderful space for clients to be truthful and let go of the stories that are holding them back. Brenda in her authenticity allows her clients to find out who they are, and models being true to yourself. What a gift you are Brenda.”

Chantel S, Kingman, Alberta 2014

“The whole process blew me away; the way that the horses drew out what needed to be addressed, your ability to read the horses, ask the right questions and lead us in pertinent directions, and the horses' innate knowing of how to do this work. ….I was very honored to be the first human to interact with Hank in this work - he was amazing, and you are an amazing facilitator!”

Jennifer, Montana

“I appreciate the thoughtful email and the pictures are great - thank you soo much! These horses were truly amazing, and are gifted in their ability to help! It was one of the most profound experiences I have ever had and I believe it has helped me a lot. Thank you so very much- I am planning to attend again…”

C.R. Calgary, Alberta

“I'm so glad I did, it was so much more than I expected! Took me awhile to process all that happened, but I still have a calmness that I haven't had in a long time if ever! Thankyou!”

Renee, Montana

“I love this work that you do and the healing power of the horses. Thank you again for the healing circle. It is especially curious to me how each person's sharing resonated with some part of me to be brought to mind for my own healing in association with theirs. Thank you!”

Sally, Montana

“Observing Brenda’s coaching is such a pleasure. Her manner is so soft and soothing. She give the feeling of an emotional “shoulder massage”, helping the client through the process.”

Joellen ~ Florida

“Brenda’s presence alone has a beautiful way of helping her clients safely explore deeper parts of themselves.”

Adrian S.~ Colorado

“Brenda provides a sacred, loving, safe space in which I was able to completely let of the emotions of overwhelm that I have carried for over 35 years. I felt absolutely safe…”

Kate ~ Colorado

“I will never look at a horse the same way again!”

Leonard H.~ Kalispell

“I had a great time and got in touch with a part of me I did not realize was there.”

Sandy H.~ Kalispell

“Brenda’s voice as a coach and voice for Equus is a gift to the healing community.”

Sara S.~ Minnesota

“Brenda is a fabulous compassionate coach who guides her client safely through her work. Wonderful questions and a supportive way with the client allows for a great experience!”

Marianne H. ~ Washington

“Brenda is intuitive and has a knack for making people feel at ease, making it easy to open up and talk. She is an amazing listener and demonstrates that she cares without judgment. Brenda is outgoing, a leader, truthful.....”

Marian A.~ Montana

“I was very touched with your insight and sensitivity to read your client, guide her through each emotion that came up for with synchronicity and flow. You are sensitive, encouraging and know exactly what your client needs to be asked to allow her to be where she needs to be.”

Kim L.~ Washington

In Their Words: Grit with Grace

“I'm very fortunate to be in the company of you and the other girls who are participants with your teaching method of healing oneself through the powerful force of the horse. Please tell Leon that his enthusiasm, knowledge and taking the time to explain the nuts and bolts of plumbing and using a chain saw were very informative and memorable. Each week spending time with you and the women of "Grit with Grace” I was in awe of how a horse can nudge oneself towards being present in the moment. Walking side by side with a giant and being aware of his size and power I felt secure in his company. I could feel his energy when I responded to the questions you asked me. I felt the ground under my feet for the first time in a very long time. The moment that Rio stood next to me our hearts meeting on the some plane was extraordinary- I will hold onto that moment always. You have the ability to make a person feel comfortable in this unique situation.”

Vicky, Montana

In Their Words: Private Sessions

“It puts a big smile on my face remembering our session at Nancy's last week. Awesome is the only word I can use to describe it. You were able to reach such deep reserves of personal history and work to let go, and free up hindrances and blocks that might have held me back. You helped me put to rest and forgive wounds from my father. That was such a gift. And, the experience with my horse was absolutely awe inspiring. To think that horses have this ability to tune in so deeply and so willingly to a person's experience was wonderful to see, to feel, to become part of. I loved coming to know the horse in this unique and surprising and wondrous way... Thank you.”

Susan, Oregon

“Since my day with you and the horses, however I have found a new acceptance toward life. I have begun to listen to and accept the longings of my deep heart before they develop into anxieties.”

Tara, Montana

"Yeah - stuff we all go through and it can apply to everyone at any time... But the point is seeing it as guided by Brenda's path of questions, I describe it as a whole - I am able to put 'that' out of my body now- remove it from my todays life. Verbally stated - as I've done before - but this time there is a different feeling on a cellular level. The feeling isn't in my head as it was in the past - It's resolved in my throat, my feet on the ground and my heart - that is where I feel it now.”

Nancy, Montana

“Brenda masterfully guided me through a pivotal dream piece. We had fun in the process and the message came through powerfully. Her horse, Frank, also masterfully brought support and answers that could not be denied. Thank you for the incredible awareness and support to follow through. What a team! Her Arab, Jett was also an important part of the process – holding space with fun and curiosity. I will be back.”

Lisa A.~ Washington

“Thank you Brenda, Frank and Jett and the Genius Loci of your enchanted corral. You did it, introduced me to your “Horse Sense Healing Practice”. I trembled, went blank, left my body to check on memories, screamed myself through all the chakras, came back to my senses, felt the warmth of a giant beast (your mischievous Frank the Horse-Person) renew my commitments. Your poignant guidance through various levels of blocked feelings was liberating and Frank’s gentle nibbles removed stagnant chi, resulting in painless sleep and a less indulgent concentration on a painful tumor. (Still lasting 5 weeks later) You are on the path of your inspirited soul, encouraging us to acknowledge our powers, gratitude and compassion towards our fellow travelers (as usually by the side of the horse people). As the Blackfoot say: The horses are coming, Ponokamita spumokit. May the beat of FOUR echo through the depth of your heart. Eksokapi.”

WBB, Whitefish

“It is difficult to describe the fulfilling experiences I have had with Brenda and the horses. She brings out the best in those animals, and together they have brought healing to my heart and peace to my soul. These sessions are tailored to me and my needs, and my life experiences. Spending time with Brenda and the horses has quickly become my favorite thing in my tool box of Self Care, and I look forward to each time I get to be there.”

Summer A., Kalispell

In Their Words: Personalized Life Coaching

“I had certain areas in my life that just weren't working well for me. With the help of Brenda's phone coaching, I was able to identify those areas and take steps to change how I was doing things. Not only did she give me concrete tools to use, she also gave me ways to change my perceptions; I now have a much healthier way of viewing my self, my life, and my challenges. I can take what I have learned from her and move forward now with greater confidence, self acceptance and empowerment. I feel she has been a huge blessing in my life.”

Summer A., Montana