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  About Brenda

Brenda Westwood

Brenda is a Montana woman - well all but the first four years of life - and was born a natural helper. She holds a degree in Social Work from The University of Montana and is a certified Family Development Specialist. Over the past 18 years she has worked directly with and for individuals, groups, and families in the fields of Child Welfare and Public Health as a trainer, counselor, mentor, educator, case manager, and investigator. Throughout her career Brenda’s gift has been her ability to truly hear, honor, and engage others, many of whom have experienced multiple disempowering life challenges and traumas, including child abuse and neglect, domestic violence, substance abuse, and codependency.

Brenda grew up surrounded by positive, spiritual beliefs. She holds a lifelong knowing and trust in the inherent deep belief in the capacity and potential of the human spirit to heal and to be whole. Her interest and belief that healing and wholeness can occur without a lot of fuss and re-living the story, led her to learn how to cleanse and clear auras, to a certification as a Basic and Advanced ThetaHealing ® Practitioner, now Equine Gestalt Coach!

Brenda’s passion for horses was probably present before conscious awareness. Perhaps she had no choice with a mother weeks over due with her pregnancy, trotting for five miles to bring on labor. Since early childhood, she has felt an innate connection with horses, animals, and nature. Throughout life, she has taken every opportunity possible to be with or on the back of a horse. Other than a mysterious visit by a stray Ginny donkey when Brenda was 7, she was not allowed to ride unassisted until her mom traded her dad’s rifle (oops) for her first horse at the age of 12, the perfect age to have a magical, trusted confidant. She could often be found, or not, flying bareback, wild, reckless, and free through the hills of south central Montana, alone or with her best girlfriend, in complete trust and escape from challenging and confusing times. No fear; a source of survival – therapy – comfort. We thought ourselves champions of the horse, my friend and I.

In 1990, Brenda dreamed of partnering with horses and nature to help people heal, mind, body, and soul. She learned about therapeutic riding and the amazing benefits to children and adults with disabilities, but that wasn’t it for her. After unsuccessful searches, and more life lessons to learn, Brenda’s dream was resurrected when she found Touched by a Horse, Melisa Pearce, and the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method in 2011. Brenda now pursues her life’s dream and what she believes to be her purpose. Her path to honoring the essential gift of the horse in helping humans achieve emotional and spiritual health is well underway!

Brenda’s personal journey has been that of growing grit with grace through life struggles and transitions, and lessons of self-reliance, co-creation, and personal growth. Her mission today is to inspire others to expand into possibilities, to help others re-write old stories, and release limiting beliefs.


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